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The Koroneiki Olive

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The Koroneiki Olive

The Koroneiki olive variety boasts a rich history in Greece and California, which has emerged as a major player in the global marketplace. Click here to learn more.

The Koroneiki olive variety boasts a rich history deeply rooted in Greece, particularly in the Peloponnese region. Named after the village of Koroni, where it was first cultivated centuries ago, this small-sized olive has become renowned for its exceptional oil quality and robust flavor profile. 

Historically, the Koroneiki olive has thrived in the Mediterranean climate of Greece, where it has been cultivated for generations. Its cultivation dates back thousands of years, with evidence suggesting its presence during the Minoan civilization. The Greeks recognized its high oil content and distinct peppery flavor, making it a staple in their cuisine and economy. 

Now, in the 21st century, the California olive oil industry has emerged as a major player in the global marketplace. The revitalized industry has pioneered the cultivation of a huge variety of olives (75 and counting!) from a range of climates. Unlike many European countries known for regions that grow the same few varietals, California offers greater variety, blends, and unique flavor profiles. There is truly a California extra virgin olive oil for every palate! 

California's olive growers quickly recognized the potential of the Koroneiki variety. Its adaptability to the region's climate and its ability to produce high-quality oil made it a valuable addition to California's burgeoning olive industry. Over the years, the cultivation of Koroneiki olives in California has steadily increased, contributing to the state's reputation for producing exceptional olive oil. 

Today, California stands as one of the leading producers of Koroneiki olive oil outside of Greece. The journey of the Koroneiki olive from its origins in Greece to California symbolizes not only the globalization of agricultural practices but also the enduring legacy of this remarkable olive variety. 


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