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Food Fraud Mafia Investigation

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Food Fraud Mafia Investigation

Criminal syndicates are infiltrating the global food supply chain. Watch this short video to learn more about olive oil food fraud. See what the mafia doesn't want you to see!

In this investigation, Java Discover follows the food fraud taskforces and reveals how little you and I know about what we’re eating and how criminal syndicates are infiltrating the global food supply chain, undermining the ability of consumers to trust what is on the label and what ends up on their plate.


For example, in Italy, entire sectors of the food industry are controlled by the mafia. All over the world, well-organized criminal networks work together to penetrate complex food supply chains. 


Scams range from the intentional mislabeling of inferior products and passing them off as premium products, to the substitution of one food type for something else entirely. The profits are enormous. But what are the risks to the consumer? How can we identify food fraud? And what can be done to stop it? – Watch this short video to find out.


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Explore new worlds as our investigative journalists get exclusive access to the untouched corners of the globe, go undercover in some of the most dangerous cities and follow the paths of some of the most unique and incredible people and their stories. 



www.youtube.com/@JavaDiscover | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwyrangVexI


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