Did you know that you can shop for premium teas at Olive Ventura?

Olive Ventura has more to offer than just oils! A new addition to the store is our tea section. New
products include herbal teas in loose leaf bags and tea infusions. Piper & Leaf Tea Bags can
provide a subtle caffeinated boost at the beginning of your day and go well with your favorite
breakfast meal. Each tea is unique and provides fresh accents of either jasmine, strawberry or
other sweet flavors. Starting as a family-run tea company, this business has its beginnings in
farmers’ markets and is made using compost. Explore these flavorful tea options to expand your
palette and enjoy the natural offerings of Piper & Leaf.

Whole leaf tea provides more flavor, quality, and health benefits. Tea can easily be made with
whole leaves by using a basket infuser to keep the leaves out of your drink while enjoying your
tea of choice. After brewing your tea you can also pour over ice to make a refreshing cup of iced
tea. Remember that you can also reuse teabags multiple times to get the most out of your
loose tea. It can also save you money to buy loose over broken, fanning, or dust teas. Loose tea
is better for the environment since there is less packaging and individual tea bags are replaced
by an infuser. The added freshness and flavor from the expansion of whole leaves while
brewing is just one of the benefits. You will also be taking in more antioxidants, vitamins, and
nutrients. Be sure to use roughly ½ teaspoon of loose tea for every 8 ounces of water used
when making loose tea. A steeping ball, infuser, french press, or strainer can be utilized for
extracting your favorite whole leaf tea from Piper and Leaf.

Try infusing fruit into your tea for a change in taste by following one of these methods. Sun tea
is made by adding tea to cold water and leaving it out in the sun to steep. Adding chopped fruit
to this method in a mason jar and left in the sun for a couple of hours or longer will infuse the fruit
of your choice. Prevent bacteria from growing by sterilizing the jar beforehand. Black, green or
herbal teas can also be infused with chopped fruit more easily by adding boiling water to the mix
and letting it steep for at least two minutes. Strawberries, oranges, and apples go well with
rosehip herbal tea. Cinnamon sticks can also add more flavor to your custom-infused fruit tea

Piper and Leaf offer many excellent choices of teas including golden hour tonic, strawberry
shindig, springdrop spritzer, and briar patch brew flavors. Keep one of their single-use tea balls
on hand to easily brew one of your favorite cups and enjoy the health benefits to go along with
the great taste. More experienced tea drinkers may want to add fruit as well to add an extra kick
to their Piper & Leaf tea. Visit Olive Ventura for the best selection of teas and inquire about taste
testing in store for the best shopping experience.

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