A New Customer Favorite! Bone Doctor BBQ Sauce!

Try our selection of Bone Doctor BBQ sauces to compliment your next cookout meal for added
flavor. We currently offer the popular Carolina Bold and Original sauces in store. This brand
takes pride in only using natural ingredients and not adding any preservatives, high fructose
corn syrup, or artificial flavoring. The Bone Doctors started their brand over 35 years ago and
both founders first met as physicians. Use the sauce as a marinade, rub, baste, or finishing
sauce on your chicken, pork, beef, seafood, or vegetables. Other flavors by the bone doctors
include sweet & spicy, brazen heat, and premium spice blend.

To marinade, pour over your food in a resealable bag and place it in the refrigerator. To get the
best results with marinating your dish, leave the food in a marinade for at least a few hours.
Ensure that you turn the bag occasionally to evenly coat all sides of the food. It is important not
to use a metal container when doing this since it may react with acids in the marinade. Tender
meat only needs 2 hours to marinate while less tender meat needs up to 24 hours. Cook the
marinated food as soon as you remove it from the refrigerator.

When grilling your food, it is also important to correctly apply your sauce. For coating chicken
with your favorite Bone Doctor BBQ sauce, use a solid even coating without drenching the
chicken. After coating one side, cook for 5 minutes and turn to cook the other coated side. For
adding BBQ sauce to beef, apply before cooking and add sauce every hour. Once done grilling,
remove from the grill and add sauce before wrapping in aluminum foil. Place back on the grill so
that the last layer of sauce can better stick to the meat. Adding BBQ sauce to pork is different in
that it is added after the meat has been cooked. This prevents the sauce from burning and can
also be warmed in a pan or microwave before coating the pork. Remember not to drown the
pork in sauce and apply multiple thin coatings.

There are many different techniques for adding your favorite Bone Doctor BBQ sauce to your
meal including marinade, rub or baste. Bone Doctor BBQ sauce works well under different
applications and all types of meats. You can trust this brand to deliver with over 35 years
of experience refining a top-quality sauce for your meals. The name Bone Doctor is derived from
the founders’ backgrounds as orthopedic surgeons and it is clear they have found a cure for the
perfect sauce to add to your cookout. The sauces bring sweet, succulent, and spicy flavors to
your home-cooked meals whether you are cooking a classic BBQ chicken dish or a fresh
seafood platter. Choose among the variety of flavors including original, Carolina bold, sweet &
spicy, brazen heat and spice blend to give your meals an extra pop of flavor. You can’t go wrong
with any of these options for your next BBQ and will be delighted by the added flavor to your
homemade dish!

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