5 local foods that pair great with Olive Ventura

Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, or for guests for the holidays, using good olive oil is not only a game-changer for your health but also the taste of your food. Olive Ventura has numerous olive oil flavors and balsamic vinegar combinations, all of which pair incredibly with Ojai and Ventura’s local foods. 

Olive Ventura’s vast array of olive oils include Arbequina Olive Oil, Blood Orange Olive Oil, Herb De Provence Olive Oil, Mission Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic Olive Oil, Organic Arbequina Olive Oil 13 ounce, Organic Arbequina Olive Oil 25 ounce, Frantoio Olive Oil, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, Fresh Basil Olive Oil, Jalapeno Olive Oil, and Rosemary Olive Oil. If any of these olive oil flavors sound interesting to you, Olive Ventura offers free tasting at their shop in Ventura, where you can try any of these out!

Additionally, Olive Ventura offers a range of Balsamic Vinegar including Mission Fig Balsamic, Lemon White Balsamic, Honey Ginger Balsamic, Blackberry Balsamic, Traditional Aged Balsamic, Peach White Balsamic, Sex on the Beach Balsamic, D’Anjou Pear Balsamic, Rose (Zinfandel) Balsamic, Pineapple Balsamic, and Strawberry Balsamic. The potential for combining Olive Ventura Olive Oils and Olive Ventura Balsamic Vinegars are endless. 

Shopping locally, supporting small farms and small businesses have been more important than ever. Shopping locally is not only better for the environment but is also better for your health. For example, according to Virtua Health, locally grown food is fresher as “fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients within 24 hours of being picked.” Furthermore, most local farmers produce uses fewer pesticides and preservatives. 

Olive Ventura olive oils and balsamic vinegar pair beautifully with organic greens from the Ojai Certified Farmer’s Market to create a delicious salad. Check out the tasters at Olive Ventura and pick out your favorite combination! Some local farms with glorious vegetables include Underwood Farms, McGrath Farms, The Mud Creek Ranch, Growing Concern, Earthtrine Farm, Harry’s Berries, Ojai Valley Sprouts, Milliken Farm, and Farmer and the Cook Produce. 

Additionally, at the Ojai Farmer’s market, you will find many locally sourced products such as Les Bles D’Or Breads! Another locally sourced product that pairs wonderfully with Olive Ventura olive oil and Olive Ventura balsamic is called Eva’s Traditional Bread in Oak View. Create a dip or topper for the range of bread Les Bles D’Or Breads and Eva’s Traditional Bread has to offer, or layer a nice coat of Olive Ventura’s olive oil and balsamic just as is onto their delicious bread!   

Use Olive Ventura olive oil when cooking meat options from Walkins Cattle Company. Walkins Cattle Company offers range-fed beef, a perfect source for Omega3 fatty acids. You can find their meats at the Watkins Ranch Butcher Shop, Ventura Farmer’s Market, Ojai’s Rainbow Bridge, and more. On their website, they give detailed instructions on how to best cook the meat they supply.

Simmering Olive Ventura’s olive oil in a pan before putting down a juicy fish from Ideal will make your tastebuds dance! Ideal, a seafood market, located at 11512 N Ventura Ave, Ojai, CA 93023, has a variety of fresh and wild seafood caught from the ocean spots of Ventura County.

Here, at Olive Ventura, we encourage you to shop locally and support your local small businesses. We love supporting local businesses and have a comprehensive arrangement of products at Olive Ventura from local shops in and around Ventura County. These products include Blue Ridge Honey, Oluv Skin, Paso Almonds, and more. 

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